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Health & Safety

The Company shall take positive measures to promote health and safety at work as a mutual objective and commitment for management and employees at all levels. These measures shall also be aimed at protecting others who may be affected by our work.

Senior management recognises its responsibilities to create the right circumstances and conditions to prevent personal injury and damage to property, and to protect employees and others from foreseeable work hazards arising from their acts or omissions. This will be subject to regular reviews or if there are any changes in any circumstances or legislation modifications and circulated to all employees.

Our health and safety policy is to employ skilled and motivated staff, to work in a structured organisation and who can plan and review actions taken for the services provided and help to continually improve the working environment for all staff and the health and safety standards.

Our objectives are to maintain a good relationship with the staff to ensure health and safety risks are eliminated or reduced through good communication, co-operation, management control and discipline.

Mr M (Biddy) Baxter, Director, has overall responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare throughout the Company and providing general Health and Safety advice and support to all staff with assistance fom SHE Management (UK) Ltd. The Directors are responsible for making all staff aware of their particular responsibility in respect of Health, Safety and Welfare for themselves and employees under their control. The procedure for reporting accidents and risks shall be outlined to all employees and all accidents shall be investigated, logged and monitored, under RIDDOR.

The company expects employees to co-operate in implementing this policy; to comply with the relevant sections of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent legislation and to exercise all reasonable care for their own health and safety as well as others who may be affected by their acts or ommissions.

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