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Refurbishment or Modernisation - Options

  • Survey the existing equipment. Report with recommendations on the condition and life expectancy.
  • Establish design criteria for refurbishment, calculated on present and anticipated future requirements.
  • Evaluate the system to meet the demands, determining optimum performance, budget costs and target programmes.
  • Maximise the retention of existing components which can be fully integrated into the refurbishment and minimise any associated builders and electrical work.
  • Prepare the technical and contractual specification with drawings (as required) detailing all associated builders and electrical requirements and issue to a selected and approved list of tenderers.
  • Analyse the returned tender documents, providing a detailed assessment of each proposal with recommendations for approval and acceptance.
  • Provide a detailed cash flow and site installation programme.
  • Check all working drawings and the design of aesthetic finishes where appropriate.
  • Project Manage the contract overall.
  • Co-ordinate the pre-site preparations with the nominated sub-contractor and builder and liaise with tenants or owners.
  • Supervise during the installation period ensuring the programme is maintained in all phases of work.
  • Certify all contractors’ invoices and progress payments including variation orders where approved.
  • Perform witness tests of the completed installations, issue test certificates, tabulate defects and ensure that any outstanding items are completed within a stipulated period before termination of the warranty.
  • Act as Health & Safety Co-ordinator in accordance with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, 2007.