Lifts & Escalators

We provide professional expertise to meet your vertical transport needs.

Detailed Services

  • Surveying of all makes, ages and types of lifts and escalators etc.
  • Assessment of; condition of equipment, breakdown records, wear, operation, obsolescence or replacement parts for continued life.
  • Assessment of compliance relevant to HASAW, BS7255 – Safe Working on Lifts, BS5655, EN81-1 or 2, The Lift Regulations and other statutory instruments.
  • Preparation and presentation of options for selected works.
  • Confirming the scope of the project.
  • Attendance and presentations to residents meetings.
  • Development of generic specifications for lift, builders, electrical and other associated works.
  • Development of Pre Tender Health and Safety Information and issue of F10’s.
  • Incorporation of documents into tender package with all contract conditions, return schedules and questionnaires.
  • Development of tender lists by pre-qualification questionnaire, but generally based on previous experience.
  • Comprehensive tender analysis and recommendations for contract award.
  • Progression through pre and post contract meetings with detailed minutes.
  • Receipt, comment and approval of all contractors drawings and agreement of finishes schedules.
  • Receipt, format and approval of the Contractors Health and Safety Plan and File.
  • Project management throughout all site operations.
  • Progress meetings with Contractors managers/supervisors.
  • Progress meetings with contractor and employer staff and issue of minutes and instructions.
  • Undertake complete witness and commissioning tests in accordance with EN81 and other relevant test requirements.
  • Issuing of snagging lists and follow up prior to practical completion.
  • Monitoring performance throughout the 12 months defects liability and service period.
  • Inspections at 11 months prior to settlement of final account.
  • Certification of financial applications.
  • Continual liaison with all parties.